Meru Cabs: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur and Ahmedabad - Call 44 22 44 22

Meru Cabs was one of the first companies to launch metered "Radio cabs" in India under its brand "Meru." First launched in Mumbai in April 2007, Meru Cabs has grown exponentially terms of fleet size and geographical presence. Customers benefit from a relaxed commute in a well equipped, air-conditioned cab, which is readily available 24/7. The printed receipt at the end of the ride assures the customer of tamper proof billing. Headquartered in Mumbai, Meru Cab Company provides a radio taxi service in the four key metros of India - Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Meru Cabs delivers a reliable taxi service by concentrating on each touch point with its customers and devising systems, processes or technologies that will deliver a reliable interface. Meru Cabs uses GPS/GPRS enabled technology in all of the cabs to ensure complete passenger safety. Each Meru cab is owned & maintained by Meru Cab Company Private Limited. The name "Meru" is derived from the symbolic mountain of the gods, an icon of unshakeable reliability and character - a core value which lies at the heart of Meru's promise to its customers.

We at Meru Cabs believe that business enterprise is never complete if it does not make a contribution beyond building a good business. Our constant endeavour will be to raise the standards for everyone who comes into contact with Meru Cabs. For those who drive our vehicles, we provide an opportunity to be part of a modern fleet that places the highest premium on vehicle uptime and vehicle quality. Our fleet engineers work 24/7 to ensure that our chauffeurs have the minimum disruption by way of vehicles not being serviceable. Our backend technology, comparable to the best in the world, ensures that we connect customers to our cabs better than anyone else does, ensuring steady business for our chauffeurs. Accident insurance, medical insurance, also allows them to have a safety net to provide security in the event of an untoward incident. Our concern for our chauffeurs is to ensure that by making them earn a respectable livelihood, with good economics, we would be able to make their personal lives better.

For those who avail our service, Meru Cabs offers a cab service that emulates the best taxi service norms across the world. We try our best to ensure availability; our onboard technology ensures that a customer pays a fair fare with a printed receipt for each transaction. We try to ensure that your need for commuting is met every time you need to commute and in as hassle free a manner as possible.

We believe that the critical difference between an ordinary taxi service and a Meru Cabs service lies in the investment that we make into training our chauffeurs. Our stringent conditions for engaging a chauffeur include address verification, complete medical check up, testing of driving skills, ability to manage the on board technology on our vehicles, familiarity with your city and all the mandatory licensing criteria. And if a potential chauffeur meets these requirements, we put them through an intensive 5-day training program where we impart knowledge on customer service, hygiene, safe driving habits and how to handle an emergency.